Sunday, August 20, 2006

Four Reviews

Nightwing 123
Still on my pull list because Marv's coming. This wasn't as horrible as the the first story arc Bruce Jones inflicted upon us, but it was close. Dick's explanation as to why he's no longer engaged left a lot to be desired. True, I didn't expect him to confess all to someone whom he hasn't known for long, but I hadn't expected him to be an asshole about it. "I suppose we just ...outgrew each other"? Give me a break. Aside from being a cliche, it didn't ring true. It's been only a year since he finally proposed. But that whole bit about him finally seeing himself for what he really is just plain sucked. Did he talk to Babs about it? Or did he simply break the engagement and break her heart? The only thing I can figure is that he discovered he was acting out of character and decided to wait for a better writer to start chronicling his life. I think there was a story here, too, but I wasn't paying attention to it.

Shadowpact 4
Nothing terribly exciting, but a nice, cute story featuring Blue Demon Big Devil Blue Devil. Where else but in comics can a blue guy with horns walk around without getting much attention except from old lady neighbors who have cats needing rescuing? A nice reminder of how charming comics can be.

52 15
Solid issue. From the wonderful cover, with Clark Kent's byline, to Booster's seeming demise, this issue rocked. Okay, I love the Renee/Charlie stuff. They make a great duo and I love their byplay. Renee's worry for him, and her relief he's still alive were nicely played. There were other nice moments, including Clark's wistful remark as he ran past the store room on his way to cover the story, and the appearance of the word "wiki" was a treat. I'm glad the DCU is keeping up with modern life. And I'm convinced Supernova is someone we know, or at least someone Booster knows and who knows him. The insults he directed at Booster are just too personal for strangers.

Catwoman 58
Another fantastic cover. Another great story. Some more gaps are filled in, clues are dropped right and left. Zatanna's favor has unexpected consequences, so that even her trying to repay Selina for what she'd done to her doesn't clean the slate. Now, we have another killer on the loose. When messing around with someone's psyche, it's a good idea to know what's in that mind first. Better to just leave it alone. And the use of Holly to try to flush out the real Catwoman by the police felt real. And Sam's rescue of Selina in the hospital, in flashback, despite his injuries, was wonderful. And I always like seeing Ted.

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