Wednesday, August 23, 2006

First Impressions

What a haul. Lots to read tonight, but I'm going out to dinner after work, so won't get to today's comics til late, so I had to peek. I mean, I had to look through Justice League 1 and Wonder Woman 2. And while I was at it, Supergirl 9 and I have to say, if they don't do something about Cpt. Boomerang's resemblance to Roy, I'm gonna scream. Have him shave or something because it's starting to piss me off. In Outsiders, I know who it is, but in other books, I have to hunt for someone calling him by name, just to be sure. I mean, it was him, right? I haven't actually read the story yet.

Anyway, I'll do scans of my favorite pages in Justice League tonight, after I devour the story. I actually bought 2 copies, different covers. I had to have the one Turner did with the women whose facial bones had been removed, but I also had to get the one with all the characters and Roy front and center next to Dinah, in the Red Arrow costume. *sigh* But those pages with Roy and Hal... And the look on Ollie's face when he realizes who they want for the League and it's not him. Oh boy oh boy. I love how Meltzer appreciates these characters. I saw it in his brief run on Green Arrow and it's in evidence here. Such respect for what's come before.

And I peeked in 52 and wow, the Marvels. Can't get better than that.

Plus, I got the Elseworld's Batgirl action figure. She's lovely. I'll post a photo tonight if I have the time.

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