Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Second Impressions

Well, not really, but Brad Meltzer discusses Justice League 1 on his MySpace blog and I wanted to leave a comment to thank him for putting Roy on the team and say I hope that Roy stays on the team, but you apparently need to be on MySpace to comment or contact a member and I really have no desire for a MySpace account. feh.

Anyway, he says things in the book, especially about Roy, were set up in his run on Green Arrow. Which I'd wondered about at the time, but had been afraid to hope. Ah well. Maybe he'll catch a referrer's link to my humble little blog and see how grateful I am. [insert big grin here]


  1. Awesome! I'd just bookmarked that to show you the post. Looks like Roy is there to stay. :)

  2. Oh yeah. I just hope with a bigger cast than he had to share space with in The Outsiders that there's still room for some personal life stuff.

    And Meltzer isn't staying on beyond a year, I think, so I hope the next writer will keep Roy on the team.