Sunday, August 27, 2006

Reviews and a Picture

OMAC 1-2
I had to look twice to check that the writer was Bruce Jones, the same guy writing Nightwing into the ground (and mercifully to be replaced soon) and has gone nowhere with the promising Warlord. First, the art by Renato Guedes is wonderful. Very dynamic with wonderful facial expressions. And there's enough action, with guest stars (Firestorm! Cyborg!), and the ultimate not-so-innocent civillian in what must seem a no-win situation. I'd been wondering how long before Mike realized he was an OMAC, but Jones didn't drag that out, with Mike discovering the truth in very dramatic fashion in issue 2. I hope Jones can maintain the pace and excitement for the entire, brief run. Even his OMAC monologue is well done. I wish he could've been half this good on Nightwing. I might have to cancel that "Bruce Jones Sucks" custom tee-shirt order. heh

And now for the pic. I haven't decided which pairs make up the evening's couples. I figure it's up for grabs, so to speak.



  1. That photo + that caption = deeply scary.

    The idea of Roy and Dinah together = also deeply scary.

    And I assume they're going to a kosher restaurant...leading to their battle with the giant Dreidel of Doom!

  2. lol. I love the giant Dreidel of Doom. :)

    And yeah, Roy and Dinah are like brother and sister. I'd put Roy with Selina and Dick with Dinah, except some folks think it's Roy with Dick, which leaves Dinah with Selina.