Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wizard Says

From the new Wizard mag's Fall Preview, comes these fascinating tidbits.

52: It's an article about a meeting of the writing team.
"(Steve) Wacker brings up the day's first official order of business: the death of a major character to kick off the series' final quarter."
Meaning, we've got a major death coming up, because we are nowhere near the final quarter of issues. We've still got a ways to go to reach halfway.

Re: the unmasking of Supernova. Trying to figure out who he is has been a real challenge, hindered by my having gaps in my DCU knowledge from the late-'80s to early-'90s.
"...(Mark) Waid tosses out a suggestion regarding the backdrop of the Supernova plot that hits the room like lightning. Everyone stops talking for a moment, taking it in.
'Wow,' says (Greg) Rucka. 'That's f---ing brilliant.'"
Guess they have rules about spelling out fucking. Or rather, not spelling it out. I don't have any such rule. However, now I'm really geared up for the last quarter of this series.

The new Justice League of America: The lineup listed is Red Tornado, Hawkgirl, Black Lightning, Vixen, Black Canary, Arsenal, and Green Lantern. Plus " more mystery member on the way." Brad Meltzer gave his rationale for all his named choices. Of Roy, he said, echoing points he made on his MySpace blog:
"'I've been setting this up since "Archer's Quest,"' boasts Meltzer of his memorable 2002-2003 Green Arrow story. 'As much as I love Ollie Queen, I believe it's Roy's turn. When you suddenly bring that sidekick into the League, it makes everybody stop and say, "Why are you here?" That new eye is vital for League evolution.'"
Damn right.

Lots more to go through, but that's enough temptation for now. I really need to redo my pull list for Forbidden Planet and for the sidebar here. Some reviews tomorrow, maybe.


  1. Hi Shelly-
    I noticed a referral from "". Turns out Derek, who does the podcasts, did a podcasts on females and fandom. He said some nice things about your blog (and even mine). He said that your good taste probably comes from being a librarian! Check it out if you haven't yet.

  2. Oh, cool. I'll check it out. Thanks for letting me know. I hadn't seen that.