Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nice Podcast

Redhead Fangirl clued me into this: A podcast on Females and Fandom. It's the Comic Book Noise 56 entry. The coolness factor is multiplied by his mentioning this humble comic book blog, giving it a nice recommendation. I normally don't listen to podcasts because they need my full attention and I can't follow the baseball game or a TV show in the background. And I don't do them because I have... well, not mic fright exactly. More like extreme mic shyness. Maybe someday I'll let folks here my less than dulcet tones. But it was nice listening to this one. The whole thing runs about 45 minutes, so go take a listen (Hey, if you can take a look, you can take a listen, 'kay?).


  1. Thanks Shelly. Anytime you want to dip your toe into the podcast waters, I would be glad to get an audio comment from you to play on the show.

  2. Eek.

    Okay, Derek, I'll keep that in mind. :)