Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Two for Tuesday

Superman/Batman 27
I bought this for the Earth 2 version of Huntress. Damn but I miss her. Of course, she and Power Girl are really Batman and Superman's minds in the women's bodies, but it seems it's all a dream Power Girl dreamed up, and... Nevermind, it's not important. The art was nice enough and there was a fun, nostalgic element to it, but I have no idea why this story was written. A lot more fun could have been had, at least, with this premise, than is in evidence.

Warlord 6
The art has gone from being interesting to just plain messy. I can't tell anyone apart. While Bruce Jones clearly does fantasy better than costumed crimefighters in that this is superior to Nightwing, I'm liking it less with each issue because nothing seems to be going on. I still like the concept of it, the connections between Skataris and the outer world, but if this doesn't kick up a notch soon, I'm dropping it. I might anyway, because looking at it is starting to give me a headache.


  1. Anonymous12:54 AM EDT

    I agree with your assessment of Warlord but I want so much to like it I keep giving it another chance.
    Why were we deprived of a real Huntress and Power Girl team-up?

  2. Yes, Anon, the Huntress/PG issue was a disappointment. I always loved that version of Huntress and PG.