Friday, August 11, 2006


Brave New World
I didn't read the Martian Manhunter section because I never really liked him. The other characters were showcased well. Nice art, good intros to the books, but as mostly setup, hard to say anything profound about them.

Uncle Sam 1
Maybe I'm just dense, but I have no clue what's going on or why I should care. Am reserving judgment til I read a few more.

Green Arrow 65
Nice to see Mia and to find out something about Connor's activities these days. Hal's appearance was nice, but contrived to serve the plot as in to finish off the main story to leave things clear for the flashback to the missing year. I'm looking forward to the flashback arc. And Slade's scheming shows promise.

JSA Classified 15
I'm not enjoying this story at all. The Fight Club-type plot is an old one, forcing heroes to fight, and this use of it seems uninspired. The art is fine, but nothing special.

Secret Six 3
I really like this group of conflicted badguys and Gail Simone's writing skill makes them seem very real, very 3-dimensional. The plot is thickening, there's some apparent backstabbing or is there, and what the heck is really going on? questions keep things suspenseful. Nice job.

52 14
Wow, time is flying. Now that we're really into things, the book is concentrating on one or 2 storylines per book. Nothing more on poor Ralph as we follow Renee and the Question into trouble and Steel's situation grows worse. Plus, some fun intrigue with the government and the Metal Men. It warmed my heart when Mercury greeted Magnus at the end. The Metamorpho origin was okay, but I didn't like the art much. It's hard to put much into 2 pages, but I'd've liked some more goofiness, because, let's face it, Rex is one weird character.

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