Saturday, September 02, 2006

Categories Are Here

Thank goodness this blog is only a year and change old. This took long enough as it was, and I didn't create categories for everything, nor did I categorize every post. I really debated with myself. A category for reviews seems almost redundant and if I do every title, that would make for a very long list of categories. Plus, that's all so time consuming. I had some trouble deciding on a few terms and ended up with a few that overlap and not using others. I rejected "sexism in comics," for the less inflammatory "women in comics" and "female characters," which would cover that topic and related topics. The broader terms work better here because I rarely stick strictly to a topic. The way of the tangent for me.

So I categorized the posts where I felt it was most useful. Characters such as Catwoman got categories because I discuss them individually and/or do single posts reviewing their books. It was a tough call, as I said, and given that this is my blog and such things are subjective, I can only hope folks find the categories useful in helping to find what to read here.

That said, if anyone thinks a category for "reviews" would be useful, leave a comment saying so, and I'll slog through the posts again, labelling them for that.

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