Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another Three

JSA: Classified 18
A good end to this Hourman tale. I really like the family dynamic in this, with the father and son Hourmen plus mom. They have such a regular folks feel, except for that superhero thing. Bane's true motive is revealed and Rick turned the tables on him with skill, proving there's more to him than one hour of induced strength.

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters 4
This is one scary book, because it feels all too real. Okay, real minus the super powers. But the arrogance, the hubris, of the politicians/monsters could have come out of today's headlines. Monster and demon books can't touch this for fright value. Wonderful art, too. This is another mini-series I'd love to see picked up as a regular title.

Jack of Fables 4
The loopy, loony escape from the fable prison begins! Wonderful jokes mixed in with social relevance, and nifty satire make this title loads of fun to read. The art is nice and crisp, which enhances the effect. The egg on the fence, the tortoise and hare making a run for it.... ah, the images just stay with ya.

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