Monday, October 09, 2006

Back to the LoCs

I realized I'd forgotten to type up the rest of my published LoCs. After the last one I typed up, there were a few that weren't published. If I'm right, I'm up to New Teen Titans 43, May 1988. If not and this is a repeat, mea culpa and all that. Just think of it as a reissue.

Dear People,

Well, I was stunned. After so many (I don't dare count them or I'll really get depressed) issues of bickering among the Titans, padding of stories and mindless violence, you gave us the first feel good Titans story since Donna Troy married Terry Long. NTT #39 was such a mature look at Raven, Kory and Dick, I had to double-check the credits before I believed Marv wrote it. For the first time in a very long while, Kory showed her maturity, sensitivity, decency, understanding... I could go on forever. Her emotional strength, her opening up to Raven in friendship was beautiful and inspiring. I must admit I was worried when I read the start of this "Raven falls for Dick" storyline, but you guys surprised me by handling this delicate subject so well. Finally, Raven can come into her own as a character; the potential for growth is limitless. And Dick seems to be his old, wonderful self again. Thank you.

I had vowed not to LoC NTT again until I found a story I really liked. I'm glad I wasn't kept waiting indefinitely. There is so much I don't like about the post-Crisis DC, mainly the end of parallel time and the loss of many of my favorite heroes (most notably Supergirl) and storylines, that it is gratifying to know I can still count on the Titans to entertain and delight me.

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