Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Five Quick Ones

Creeper 3
I'm really enjoying this book, especially the banter between Creeper and Jack. Yeah, it's weird, but it works. The art is suitably odd, too.

Checkmate 7
More political intrigue, which I like, but not enough of the regular cast for my taste. I don't really know these Suicide Squad characters, so I couldn't follow the byplay between them all that well. But it was entertaining.

Shadowpact 6
Another easy to like book. Simple, expressive art and appealing characters. I was quite taken with Eddie and the pacing worked well with the story alternating between Eddie telling his story and the mystic battle du jour.

Lone Ranger2
Wonderful cover. And the interior art really sells this book. There's no need for a lot of words on many of these pages and Brett Matthews doesn't overwhelm us with unnecessary ones. There's a lot of emotion in this book, understated and heartfelt. There's intrigue, a mystery, a varied group of characters, and a noble center in John and Tonto. And this Tonto is no stereotypical sidekick.

Wetworks 1
I am not familiar with this title or these characters. I bought this because I felt like trying new things and I liked the art. I have no clue what this is all about and the issue wasn't all that enlightening. There seems to be a vampire connection. Given I also bought the Anita Blake comic, though I've never been a big vampire fan, I sense a theme coming on. The only vampires I've ever liked were the ones on Buffy and Nancy Collins' Sonja Blue character (introduced in the novel Sunglasses After Dark). The art is very nice, if a bit dark, and I had a bit of a problem distinguishing between a few characters. I'm intrigued enough to keep reading and hope enough is filled in before too long. I don't like to remain confused for too long.

And I still have a LOT of comics to read. The stack keeps growing taller despite my best efforts to read it down.

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