Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Quick and the Odd

Three quick reviews. I'm using my laptop, which is such a pain. New video card is on order for PC, since the problem turns out to not have been the monitor since the lovely new one isn't going on, either. *sigh*

52 22
I'd figured the Kon-El being Supernova had been a red herring, but Luthor thinking Supernova is really Superman was priceless. Nice to get back to Doc Magnus, we've got a new story thread going, and more about Luthor's metagene project. Not my favorite plot threads, but they are furthering the overall story. I guess. I can't wait to see how this all comes together.

Nightwing 125
Better than Bruce Jones' run. Of course, that's not saying much. We've still got "Dick, the Babe Magnet" going here, with massage and all, but at least there is a real story going on with Raptor. and the mystery whatever out to right the wrong of Dick not dying in Crisis. Okay, so I'd read about this in Comic Shop News, but it's playing out at an appropriate pace. Marv Wolfman know how to write, though his first person narrative for Dick sounded clunky in spots, mostly in the beginning. I did like the little bit of job searching, too. And the art by Jurgens and Rapmund is nice. The scars were a bit of a shock; I hadn't realized he could tie Roy in a scar contest. So, I'm still buying and looking forward to seeing the book and the character regaining its/his former glory.

Outsiders 41
I should've seen this coming. I don't like to typecast or prejudge, so while I know Judd's desire to include gay characters, I was still caught by surprise by Anissa and Grace. Especially after Grace and Roy got it on, a lot. And I can't believe that was her covering up her homosexuality, so I'll buy her being a bisexual, but still, this doesn't ring true. Yes, they were building up a friendship between the two women, but friendship, between men or between women or between people of the opposite sex, does not necessarily mean they'll jump into bed with each other. This has shock value but nothing I saw that built up to it, nothing I can look back on and say, aha, that's what Judd was up to. And I've got no problem with gay characters. Just make me believe it. Although when I really think about it, those 2 do seem to be oddly suited for each other. But the whole shock of it took away from the story, which actually wasn't bad.

Clearly, there's a real plot going on with that nutbar Dr. "You may know me from all the evil I do" Sivana. The shit hitting the fan with the news the gang is still alive can have interesting repercussions. And what's not to like with Mullah and the Brain, even if they weren't in many panels this time. And while I'm at character assasination, I still don't see what that boring character Boomerang Jr is doing in this group and in this book. Sad to say, this title has better stories right now than the characters playing them out.

Or did I miss something in the earlier OYL Outsiders issues? I haven't been reading them all that closely.

Meanwhile, on the basis of good reviews from fellow bloggers, I picked up the first 2 Mystery in Space books. Just thought any of you who wrote those reviews might want to know. ;)


  1. You can't leave us hanging like that Shelly. What did you think of Mystery in Space?

  2. I haven't read them yet. Review(s) will be up as soon as I do. :)