Thursday, October 26, 2006

Three on Thursday

Secret Six 5
One more to go. I really wish / hope DC will make this book a monthly. I really love this motley crew of uh, protagonists, characters, bad guys who aren't all bad but are eccentric. The art continues to suit the book nicely and the writing continues to shine. The pacing is perfect and the plot twists, though not always surprising, come at the right times and reveal bits about character. Scandal is an intriguing character and the Mad Hatter shows another side of himself. And Cheshire finally shows up on the last page. Next issue promises to be a good one. I really would hate to see this title end.

Criminal 1
Ed Brubaker won me over with his version of Catwoman and here, with Sean Phillips handling art chores, he again tackles characters who are less than honest but some of whom might be honorable. A noir book with some depth. I'm hooked.

52 25
Almost at the halfway point. The cover actually freaked me out, those kids in their superhero costumes. We get to see inside Intergang this issue and it's not a pretty sight. Ralph gets a glimpse of the price of reneging on a bargain made, we get more of the Marvel family minus Billy (yay!), and the remaking of Checkmate takes another step forward when Alan contacts Michael. We know how Checkmate turns out, thanks to its own book, but it's nice seeing the pieces coming together. A lot is going on in this series now and the pace is definitely building. Can't wait til next week.

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