Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Tom and Dawn both discuss a version of Supergirl that was done by an 18-year-old that depicts Kara in a costume that resembles Superman's costume more than her current one and gives her a more realistic and less "exploitive" body. And while I think the current version of SG is drawn too thin, I think that of pretty much every character in the book, male and female. I agree more normal sized breasts make more sense given Kara's still a teen and it would be nice to have one or two woman who aren't in danger of tipping over. But her thighs look like tree trunks.

But I really don't like the costume. I think the current one, though overdone, is more in line with how teens really do dress. And this looks too much like a young woman dressed up like Superman. Kara's worn some nice outfits over the years and some hideous ones, but this one doesn't do anything for me. It isn't a distinctive look for her. One thing that has given the book some drive recently is the realistic searching Kara is doing for self (previously, the search was too over the top and just plain weird). Kara is striving to carve her niche, find her identity, and a costume that mimics Superman's so strongly negates that for me. Keep the S somewhere, keep the colors, but she needs a unique look. Like it or hate it, what she has now doesn't make me think about Superman at all.

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