Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rain Feh

Much rain. Got soaked going to my doctor's appointment this morning. Too wet for another subway trip downtown to pick up comics and hope they stay dry even in a plastic bag because my waterproof raincoat didn't keep me all that dry. So, no comics. feh. Maybe tomorrow or Friday.

I'm back from a long weekend in New Jersey visiting my best friend. Smashed my finger in a sliding van door. Can type pretty well now, but writing is still awkward. It's my right index finger, badly bruised, cut across knuckle, and I'm a righty.

Guess I'll just work my way through my stack of comics to read. Seems all I'm good for right now. Reviews will follow at some point.

Meanwhile, I'm really in love with TV's "Heroes." Would love, after the current arc is done and everyone's established, to see comics miniseries for each of the characters. Am I the only one?


  1. Ouch! Bet that hurt. There were some really good comics in this week, so be sure to go eventually. Hope your finger is better!

  2. Thanks. Yeah, it hurt. Still does a bit.

    I'll get my comics tomorrow afternoon. I have a pull list, so I shouldn't miss anything.