Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action Figures

Two for today. I must be the only person who can't get Kendra's wings on.
01182007 002


  1. Apparently the third smartest man in the DCU is no help in attaching those wings.
    What's that brown mass covering her otherwise bare midriff?
    Sorry to duplicate but I got sidetracked into Flicker's comments (didn't know they had comments!)

  2. That's her belt. It doesn't fit her nearly as nicely as the ones on Batgirl and Huntress do. I tried to get it to sit lower on her hips, but it keeps popping back up to her waist.

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM EST

    I broke my Hawkgirl's wings tryng 2 force them in,
    aaargh, im so hurt:(:(


  4. Eek. That's what I was afraid would happen with mine. I've given up trying to fit them in. The holes just don't seem big enough.