Thursday, January 18, 2007

Reviews Galore

Figures that when I'm ready to post some reviews, Blogger decided to take a nap. But it's back now, so here we go.

JSA Classified 21: Hawkman
Nice art. Nice to see Hawkman again. But I am sick and tired of the Rann-Thanagar war without end. With luck, this arc will get the Hawks back on track, but I'm not holding my breath.

Justice Society of America 2
Stunning cover. Beautiful art. Nice take on the guy finds out he's the father of a grown son plot, with Wildcat and his son, Tom, not sparring. No bitterness from Tom, no apologies from Ted. Just 2 guys connected by blood trying to get acquainted more or less. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Maxine and Courtney are bonding, some serious nasties are on the warpath, and Starman might prove the most intriguing member yet. I love this book.

I was really liking this but this issue was downright weird. A lot going on but how much is real? I suspect this book would've been better in half the issues. It feels like it lost direction. I'm hoping this ends with a bang, not a whimper. It's really lost steam.

Welcome to Tranquility 2
The romp continues. This book is plain fun, with some gentle self-spoofing of the superhero genre and including memorable characters whose earnestness hits the right notes. And the art's a blast.

White Tiger 3
I love the covers on this min-series so far. The characters all feel real, and Angela del Toro is a fully rounded character, in costume and out. The plot's a bit convoluted but has enough intrigue, and I loved the family scene. Nice art.

Shadowpact, or the title that made me love Detective Chimp, 9
The press conference was a hoot and I've grown very fond of this group. I'd only really known Ragman and liked him previously, but they all feel like a family now. I was never a fan of Jason Blood/Etrigan, but there's enough excitement here for me to get past that dislike. I wish they'd lose the Phantom Stranger introductory openings, tho. If someone wants to give him something to say, give him his own book again. Solid art that suits the characters.

Some more backstory for Arthur and the issue was well-paced so the fact that not much happened story-wise was hardly noticeable. A nice mystery surrounding the Fisherman holds promise.

Birds of Prey 102
The Babs/Lois Lane byplay was wonderful. Manhunter fits very nicely into this book and proves she's no patsy. Huntress took pretty much a backseat to Big Barda and Zinda and even Judomaster. Misfit is a wonderful addition. And it looks like Babs might've met her match in Katarina. Gail Simone really delivers the goods and it's always fun to see how she's gonna get our heroes out of the mess she gets them in.

Catwoman 63
Will Pfeifer is another writer who delivers the goods. I love the Selina/Holly scenes and this issue had the all-important non-discussion over Helena's father and Selina never did say why she picked that name. And it's always nice to see how far Selina would go to protect her friends. Gorgeous cover, too, and the interior art is nice.

52 37
Intriguing theory/solution to what 52 means here at Monitor Duty. I'm hoping he's right. I try to save this book to review last but it's always the first I read each week. Even when it misfires, it entertains and it rarely has misfired. Everyone seems to have a different low point and a different favorite, but I think the resurrection of two popular characters has been universally applauded. At least, it has in the blogs I've read. The best was learning that Booster had been more vain and annoying than usual on purpose to keep Skeets off-balance. And Buddy is back, though stranded. This title just keeps gaining steam as it speeds toward the finish line. The Dinah/Ollie scene was just to place Ollie's run for mayor into the proper timeslot, it seems, and worked mostly as a breather. Oh, and to let us know no one really knows where Ralph is. I can't be more impressed with the effort DC has put into this book that has never missed a deadline. Kudos all around.


  1. Anonymous4:04 PM EST

    The 52 universes idea would only bother me because, so far, 52 kind of seems like an arbitrary number for them to choose, besides the fact that its the name of the series. Why would there be 52 universes? Why not like 53, or 29?

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM EST

    JSA is the best book DC has in my opinion. LOVE Starman, having a Legionnaire as a JSA Member is just symbolically amazing.

    Hawkman comes back in his normal kick butt fashion, gotta love it.

  3. I think DC's best regular books right now are Catwoman, BoP, JSA. Oh, and Shadowpact because it's just plain fun. If we add in minis/maxis, I'd add Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters.