Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another Two

Was busy taking photos of my Stargate action figures, telling a little story with them, but I did have time to read 2 more comics today.

Green Lantern 16
I know a number of GL fans, especially Hal fans, aren't happy with the direction the book is going or what Hal's been doing, but I've really been enjoying it. The political ramifications of the treaty and Hal crossing out of jurisdiction to rescue Cowgirl. I really like Cowgirl, so hope the ending isn't really that uh, dire for her. I like the psychology involved here with Hal, with Johns delving a bit deeper into Hal's motivations than we used to get. The whole issue of Hal not wearing his ring when he flies and the repercussions of that has really fleshed out Hal's character. He is without fear and that was part of his life pre-ring, so it would stand to reason he'd feel he didn't want to have to rely on it in his non-GL worklife. There was a time disconnect with the not-yet-formed in their own title Justice League showing up, but I loved that Alan was with them and his scene with Hal was strong. And in Amon Sur, Abin Sur's son, we have an antagonist who is more than a mere villain. He clearly didn't deserve his father's ring, has no clue or doesn't care that Hal came by the ring honestly as it was given to him by Abin Sur. Hal's had issues re: family, especially with his father dying tragically when Hal was growing up and Amon Sur clearly has similar issues. I hope Johns fully exploits this aspect of the characters in the next installment. And Reis' pencils with Albert's inks make for some very realistic art, even if Hal looks too young at times. Hal's going through some rough, real-life type of traumas with the whole POW storyline and with him being military, he's one of the few characters this can work well with. After the GL/GA book, he's associated with realistic plots and this continues that fine tradition of making comics relevant.

All-Star Superman 6
Another character with father issues, in this case, Clark/Supes losing his adoptive father. Good use of the Superman Squad and nice art. This title continues to show how good and fun comics can be. An excellent retelling of an iconic character.


  1. All-Star Superman is of course, simply fantastic.

    I liked this issue of Green Lantern a whole lot...more than the last issue, maybe because we are finally getting to the nitty gritty as it were. And Alan being cranky, is always a treat.

  2. Yes, I love the cranky side to Alan. And how he and Hal's other friends don't pull their punches with him. heh

  3. Anonymous11:09 AM EST

    I'll admit, I haven't been following Hal that close since the "Rebirth" mini series. I finally bought is 16 (since I saw Sentinel E-2 Green Lantern on the cover)

    Was disappointed that E-2 GL didn't appear more and for the life of me why he didn't follow Hal for the rescue. Talk about a bad day for Cowgirl, she thinks she's saved by Hal and some intergalactic hit man shows up and she is possibly dead now (with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman more than likely a short distance away, that really sucks).