Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today's Reviews

Flash 8
Bart saved Val, applies to police academy to be a forensics specialist. Looks like a good issue to make my last one of this title. Bart just doesn't do it for me, though it's nice he's not a jerk, anymore.

Checkmate 10
Nice use of some Shadowpact members. This book has some of the most gut-wrenching intrigue in any comic title I'm reading. As good as any spy novel. The level the agents of Checkmate will go to in order to bring down the most vile of enemies. And Kobra is as vile as it gets. What agent 502 has committed himself to might be the ultimate sacrifice. This truly is an illustrated novel, told chapter by chapter. With great art.

Criminal 4
This is a book that just sucks you in, involves you with the characters so you care about them, then puts your emotions into a wringer. The suspense is as strong as with Checkmate, but without the spy intrigue, though there's plenty of backstabbing going on. With strong scripts and wonderful art, Brubaker and Phillips are the perfect team and Leo, for all his flaws and probably because of them, is an appealing character and I care what happens to him.

Crossing Midnight 3
Demon vs Demon! Talk about a rock and a hard place. If Toshi says yes to the knife-wielding Aratsu, Lord Rinjin, a dragon, will be pissed and he's not nice when he's pissed. Toshi and her brother Kai have had their peaceful teen years abruptly interrupted by the repercussions of a promise made by their father long ago, one he likely had no idea would be taken so seriously. I can't wait to see how, or even if, they survive.

52 38
One of the let's catch up with some of the other characters and oh, yeah, spend some time with Renee as she tries to save Charlie, with a lot of pop psych thrown in. There's some nice emotion there, and we find out just what the wacko scientist on the island are working on, and Natasha is playing spy at Luther's. And maybe, Renee will be taking Charlie's place as the Question. Not the best issue -- Ralph wasn't in it -- but they can't all be full of breathtaking action.

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