Monday, March 12, 2007

Double the Pleasure

I thought of and rejected a bunch of Women's History Month-ish titles. I really don't get political here, much. So I'll just tell you about a couple of comics I enjoyed reading last night.

Crossing Midnight 4 started its second story arc, but really, it's one big story in a way. Sure, it's a setup that drives the book, but this isn't a superhero type of story where something happens and X gains powers and then has merry adventures. This is an ongoing situation with new plot points coming in along the way. Kaikou is dealing with his mother's injury, while his sister Toshi is dealing with the new life she'd agreed to in order to stop the attacks on her family. Into this situation comes Nidoru who tells Kaikou she can save his mother's soul and his father if he helps her. They have a common enemy, Aratsu, who has his sister, so of course, Kaikou ends up agreeing. Kaikou and Toshi are two teens who have been thrust into a realm they don't understand but most come to terms with in a hurry. The book has nice art, fluid storytelling, and is centered around a mystical, magical center that should appeal to a wide range of readers. I think it's an ideal comic to use to coax new readers into comics.

Sheena March 2007 99 Cent Special
I'd heard about this last fall and have been eagerly, anxiously awaiting it. Eager because I love the character, knowing her mostly from the recent TV show starring Gena Lee Nolin. I never read Sheena comics, but I did read the similar Rima the Jungle Girl from DC Comic. But I digress, as often happens. So, anyway, I was curious, and last Wednesday, there was the intro book. I'm always eager to try a comic featuring what promises to be a strong female character who will have hopefully thrilling adventures. But I was also leery (the anxious part) because this could be screwed up so easily. Then I saw Robert Rodi was the writer. Rodi wrote the amazing Codename: Knockout, so I was willing to give his version of Sheena a chance.

The cover is typical cheesecake, with Sheena in a provocative pose that shows off both her cleavage and her barely covered tush. Which doesn't really bother me, because it's in context. She's a jungle gal who doesn't wear much. She's a bit better dressed inside. The story is primarily setup, with news reports covering the mythical "maytenda." Nothing about the first issue turned me off, so now I'm eagerly awaiting the first true issue. I'm hoping for thrilling adventures with a bit of sass and a fair amount of humor, though not the same level of spoof/satire found in C:K at its most outrageous. This looks to be a more realistic title, which is just what we need, another strong, realistic female in the not-so-real realm of comics, who can be both a role model for girls and young women, while giving everyone else the thrills they crave.

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  1. Sheena and her Golden Age imitators, like Rulah and Tiger Girl, may have been cheesecake but they seriously kicked butt.

    Modern comics heroines should have half the confidence and strength of those characters.