Thursday, March 08, 2007

Quick Comments

Didn't want to wait til I got more read, so here are 10 mini reviews. Do I need to say there may be spoilers here? Cuz there are.

52 44
Okay, Black Adam is ready to... give up trying to do things the right way? The guy's had the shit beaten out of him by life for centuries now, and Isis told him she was wrong and he was right just before she dies. I'm thinking the shit's about to hit the fan. Meanwhile, am I the only one who thinks Renee looks really cool wearing the Question's hat? I'm really looking forward to seeing where her new role takes her.

Atom 9
No letup on this book. We get some nice insight to Ryan's youth and a weird mystery, plus danger from an old now dead nemesis. I love when things get personal.

Criminal 5
A bit late, but so worth waiting for. Brubaker and Phillips have put together one helluva crime/noir book. I was thinking that Leo was dead, and each story arc would be with new characters, but the editorial at the end, by Brubaker I assume, assures us Leo survives and will be back. Good. Because he's a wonderful character, a bad guy who tries to do the right thing when it counts according to his own morals and ethics. People die in this book. Characters I came to care about. I can't say enough about how well the story was crafted and how good a team these two guys make.

Jack of Fables 8
I was just starting to think that Jack actually was maturing, but any actual grief he felt in losing his new wife was washed away when he learns of his inheritance. The look on his face in the last , full-page panel was pure Jack. I love this book. And I wouldn't want Jack to lose his edge.

JSA Classified 23
Dr. Mid-Nite. I like Mid-Nite and this was a decent start for the story and the art was nice, but sheesh, don't we have enough blood sucking in comics right now?

Justice League of America 6
Really nice finish to the first arc, and the group isn't even officially formed yet! Meltzer as usual shows off his knowledge of the DCU and there are plenty of neat character bits. I like how Roy has narrated much of this story. He's been around, knows the main folks, but is still new to this group and makes a good observer, a bit of an outsider (heh, get it?), which makes his thoughts about the others fascinating takes on their personalities. But other than that, he didn't have much to do in this issue. The parallel story telling between John's battle with Grundy and the JLA's battle with Amazo, including the two-page spread, worked very well in keeping up the tension. And I love how Vixen was used. I'd been wondering what was up with her, but her arrival on the scene fit perfectly. Great start to this book.

Manhunter 29
Routinely, Manhunter doesn't appear on the cover of her book. We've had "Blue Beetle" and now Wonder Woman, but not Kate. Ah well. I like how we learned the truth behind Wonder Woman's execution of Max Lord, the sacrifice she was and still is prepared to make to protect a friend. Actually, Wonder Woman has been better here than in her own book. We have a couple of storylines working through this book, but the cliffhanger with Dylan and Cameron got to me a lot more than the one with Wonder Woman's trial. I hope Dylan doesn't get killed. He's so much fun. We also got the truth about the return of Ted Kord, who is of course, still dead, and a bit more about Mark Shaw's storyline.

Nightwing 130
Bride and Groom are just creepy. I was startled that Marv offed the Lorens family, except Phillip. I'd really liked them, which is probably why. Bring in some guest stars, make readers care about 'em, then blow them away. The book's way better than it was, but I'm still not ready to fully embrace it. I need to see more where Marv's taking Dick.

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters 8
I am so glad DC announced there will be more of this group. This has been an excellent mini-series. Patriotism has never been this thrilling. Jimmy Palmiotti has become a fav writer, when he isn't doing art, of mine, and with Gray, has crafted a great story. Acuna illustrates the words perfectly, although I do sometimes have trouble telling some of the characters apart in panels where I can't see their costumes or much of their hair. The larger font for Uncle Sam's speech worked especially well.

Welcome to Tranquility 4
This book is pure fun, with a dramatic twist. The goofy, cartoonish art by Neil Googe maintains a true funny book feel, so when things get nasty or emotional, it's more shocking than it would be if the art was more realistic. As usual, Gail Simone displays her deftness with plotting and dialogue.

Edited to fix credits for Uncle Sam...etc. Just one reason I don't usually think to add credits. I rarely get them right.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM EST

    Gray is the co-writer. Not the artist and I agree this has been a fun series.

  2. Hmmm..... I didn't notice an art credit then.

    See, this is yet another reason why I don't like listing credits. I rarely get them right.