Monday, March 19, 2007

June Previews

I don't usually post about upcoming comics, but this issue of Nightwing looks intriguing. It's about the year between Dick dropping out of college and when the New Titans formed. This is Marv's territory, since he made Dick into Nightwing, so it should be good.

I'm still maintaining a cautious optimism about Supergirl, too. And I like the sound of the end of Jodi Picoult's Wonder Woman story in WW 10, which brings the DCU into the Amazon War. It sounds like the book really will fit nicely into the DCU at large. They didn't have the now infamous cover of Justice League of America #10 up yet. And I didn't see Justice Society listed. I might've missed it or it might not be up yet.

There's a crossover arc coming up for Checkmate and Outsiders, so I won't be able to drop Outsiders until after that. If I didn't know better, I'd think they were crossing Outsiders with one of my favorite books just to keep me reading Outsiders.


  1. Anonymous5:04 AM EDT

    I can't wait for this issue of Nightwing either. I love the fact that Marv Wolfman is on this book and he's the perfect one to tell this story. And, as I said on somebody else's blog, don't get me wrong as I LOVE Jamal Igle and I love him on Nightwing, but that Ryan Sook cover is HOT. I'd love to see him do interior art for this book because I think his style would be perfect for it.

  2. I agree. The Nightwing cover is great.