Monday, March 19, 2007

Three Good Reads

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1
I've been waiting for this one with eager anticipation and am happy to report it was worth the wait. By now, most people probably know this is the show's season 8 in comic book form and Joss Whedon has said he expects it to run 30-35 issues. The first arc kicks off with the usual action, excitement, and snappy dialogue we've come to expect from Joss and Buffy. The art is nice, with the show's characters recognizable, and there's a nifty mention/explanation of the Buffy mentioned in Angel, the one partying in Rome. I am one happy Buffy fan.

Lone Ranger 5
It's hardly worth reviewing this. I have nothing to say that I didn't say about the first 4 issues. This is a strong example of visual storytelling. The script is sparse and when the words are there, they all count. The art effectively evokes the old west and John's growth and evolution into the Lone Ranger is realistically presented. It's easy to feel his anguish. I've been seduced by this marvelous book and the wait between issues is too long.

52 45
Black Adam pissed is not someone you want to encounter. Renee's first attempt at being the new Question doesn't go well because she picked Black Adam to try to help. The Intergang storyline is back, as is the plotlines start to come together. I can't believe the end of the year is nearing an end. What a thrilling journey it's been.


  1. Having been a big Buffy on TV fan but never having looked at any previous BTVS comic I enjoyed the comic. Reading the "Buffy-speak" dialogue is a little harder than listening to her lines. I loved the Xander scenes with the Sgt. Fury references.

  2. I agree about the Sgt. Fury references. It was classic Xander.