Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today's Toys

21March2007 001
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Picked these up today. Aren't they beautiful? It's going to be an expensive year for action figures. DC has a bunch coming out in May that I want, then the Justice League ones in August, and I think there was at least one in June I want. Right now, most are in a shoebox. I really need a good place to display them where they won't get dusty but could "interact."


  1. Gosh, toys are fun. I'm collecting Green Lanterns at the moment, but they are ALL good.

  2. The more toys I have, the more I want. I was avoiding the big 3, but now I think I should get a Batman and Superman because I want the upcoming Wonder Woman. And I've been thinking of doing the JLA, which means getting a GL. My problem is that I don't usually like all the figures in the same series, so I generously mix and match.

    I will be doing an all female heroes league pic after I get a few more figures this year: WW, Vixen, maybe one other.

  3. I've been really cutting back on the toy purchases the past few years, even resisting the New Frontier figures, which look all kinds of cool. Unforunately, DC Direct really has my number with the Shazam figures. Luckily, they're not coming out until November, so I can start saving my pennies now.

  4. DC definitely has my number with the 2 Donna Troy figures coming this spring and the Roy Harper Red Arrow figure in August. Plus, lots of other cool ones.

    What's really bad is that I'm now looking at characters I want them to do, like Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, the Secret Six, Big Barda...

  5. Enchanted left this comment, but I didn't publish it because it had a link and I'm not allowing links if they seem to be the only purpose of the comment: to push another site. Here's the comment, from "enchanted":

    "DC Direct has some really nice figures coming out over the next few months. If you are looking for an on line source to purchse the figures, check out (url)."

    I don't need an online source and if anyone actually reads my blog, they'll know I know all about DC Direct's upcoming figures. And I buy them at Forbidden Planet.

    I might have to state my policy re: comments on this blog.