Monday, April 16, 2007

Is it July Yet?

Because I want this: Justice League of America 11.

Roy as Red Arrow, on the cover, by himself. There are 2 covers for this, or so the solicit said, and I guess this is the variant, with Turner doing the other. I want this one. And then in August, there's the Red Arrow action figure. Can we agree that this is the summer of Roy Harper? Hell, yeah.

Oh, and the new action figures announced, coming out in December, include a very nice Agent Diana Prince.


  1. I LOVE those figures! I think I'm going to get a whole set for myself, and I usually don't bring home action figures.

  2. That's a great cover. Sadly it's the 1 in 10 variant cover so I'm sure it will be next to impossible to get for a cover price.

  3. Ack. Any idea what the other cover is?

    My comic shop often holds the variants for those of us with pull lists, so maybe....

  4. Shelly, I have found that bringing in cookies for my Comic Book Store owner works WONDERS!

    heh heh.

  5. I shop at Forbidden Planet and it's a big store with a big staff. But I do have a nice rapport with Jeff, the manager, so if he's there when the books come in, he'll probably put it aside for me if I ask. Plus, they usually put aside both covers for regular customers of a title. It's just hard to know who will be doing the pulling on that Tuesday night. But I will talk to Jeff about it. Maybe give him a printout of the cover with the words: I Want This plus my name. heh

  6. Anonymous5:35 AM EDT

    I've preordered that cover at my LCS--gonna cost me $29 though (ouch!) my LCS sucks like that, but its Roy and I can't resist.

    Have you seen the preveiw panel from #11 that was released? I'm scared for Roy! Beautiful art though.


  7. No, I hadn't seen the preview, Kim. Now you've got me curious and worried at the same time. ;)