Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Arsenal Request

There's so much info out there for Roy Harper, but not what I want. Does anyone know the comic (and issue number) that Roy first appeared as Arsenal? And if you have it, could I get a scan of it, nice and big so I can read it? I got to talking to cute manager guy at the comic shop today while I picked up my large stack of new comics plus Stargate Series 3 action figures(!) and we were talking about the upcoming Red Arrow figure and we both like Roy and he was telling me about the Titans issue when Roy showed up in a long story arc as Arsenal and ended the problem. It sounded good, but clearly was from the time I was taking a hiatus from comics. I have the Arsenal one-shot and later Teen Titans with Roy as Arsenal (from the crossover story with the original Teen Titans and the then current group) and the Batman plus Arsenal one-shot, but not Roy's first appearances as Arsenal. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks much.


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM EDT

    don't have it myself, but roy first showed up as arsenal in new teen titans#99.

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM EDT

    oh wait, wikipedia totally has the first arsenal appearance posted.

  3. New Titans #99, from 1993.

    Try this link for the cover:

  4. Thanks! You guys rock. I knew I could count on comics bloggers. :)

    Now to see if I can find the actual comic.

  5. side note-It seems like they want to call Roy "Red Arrow" now, but I personally prefer Arsenal. Just had to get that off of my chest.

  6. Lisa, I actually prefer the name Arsenal, too. Red Arrow is just too derivative. I like that he's come full circle and can embrace his past, hence the name and costume change, but I prefer him with a more independent identity.

    Just found the comic on ebay and it was buy it now. So I did. Thanks again, folks.

  7. I think that Arsenal is a much better name for Roy. Red Arrow is much too deriviative, and it doesn't have the same "lilt" to it as Green Arrow does, nor does it sound as good as Arsenal for that matter. Besides, Roy is great at ALL weapons, so Arsenal just makes better sense.

  8. I don't mind the Red Arrow name or costume too much (they tie nicely into one of my few toys, the Kingdom Come Red Arrow) but I do think that the costume from the Devin Grayson mini was better.

    Devin gets a lot of flack but I think the one character that she really aced was Roy. Meltzer's use of Roy as the newb narrator annoys the crap out of me.

  9. I agree, Rich. The costume from the mini was my fav, too. And I wish the tattoo was being drawn in in JLA.

    There will be a Red Arrow figure in August, though, which looks much nicer than the Kingdom Come Red Arrow, which I also have. He's too old in that for me. I love the way he's being drawn by Benes.

  10. Anonymous5:32 AM EDT

    I have that entire issue scanned (along with a heap of other Roy stuff)--that was just before Roy was forced to take over as leader of the Titan's for 30 odd issue's of the New Titan's (not my fav run by the way, only Royness kept me buying it) I can download to and send it to you if you want? You need C-display or something simular to veiw it or just change the file to a rar file.

    My email addy is- gottaluvit123@hotmail dot com if you want it just let me know.

    _oh, and I can't wait till the RA figure comes out, its so pretty!


  11. Thanks for the offer, Kim, but once I had the issue number, I was able to get it on the cheap on eBay.