Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Still Here, Still Reading, Still Reviewing

I've been busy. Joined Second Life out of curiosity since it came up at work, then spent 3 hours working on my avatar's appearance. I don't know what to do now after having completed the tutorials on Orientations Island, but that's how I burned off a few hours over the weekend. I'm Shelly Umarov on Second Life, if anyone cares.

And I've been crafting and reading and really trying to get through the 2 foot-tall high each stacks and not getting very far. But I did read Mystery in Space 5-7 and am still enjoying it. I'm getting rather fond of the Weird and I was surprised by Comet not being Comet. I'm looking forward to the endgame on this one.

Green Lantern 18 would've been just fine without that hideous costume for Star Sapphire. I like Acuna's art, even if most of the characters look alike, but even he couldn't make that costume palatable. I really like Cowgirl. Her conversation with Hal in Pancho's was wonderfully real. But I found the transformation in the plane when the Star Sapphire takes over Carol in the plane she's flying. Who the heck is the naked woman, the one who says, "Where?" just before Carol goes out of the plane? And I have to say, the pink Star Sapphire costume looks better on a brunette than the blond Cowgirl. The Tales of the Sinestro Corps was disappointing. I was expecting current stories, not one character telling a story to another.

Crossing Midnight 5
In which Kai learns that one should be careful what one wishes for, or at least, should be very specific. At any rate, he saved his father and the intrigue deepens. I don't think I can adequately express the joy of this book. I don't read many non-superhero books, so for me, this is my main chance at something different.


  1. In Green Lantern, Acuna's art was a bit different from Ivan Reis's.

    The nekkid girl in the plane, was Krystal, the girl who had been taken over by the Star Sapphire a few issues back, but it was just a temporary possession, while the gem was looking for Carol. When it DOES jump into Carol, the poor kid is left naked, confused, and probably about to blow up in the plane crash. Tough luck for her, eh?

    I do rather like Cowgirl. I thought she looked rather nice in the white t-shirt and the cowboy hat. She also has normal breasts, which is a plus. And yes, the pink works on a brunette, but on a blonde, it looks just horrible. Now, if she changed it to blue...!

  2. Ah, thanks, Sally. I'd forgotten about Krystal. It was a bit fuzzy art-wise to keep track of what was going on in the plane. Or maybe it was just that I was reading the thing when it was after midnight and I could barely see straight. ;)