Friday, April 13, 2007

Yes! Wonder-ful News

It's all over the comics blogosphere. From Newsrama: Gail Simone is the new writer of Wonder Woman! Issues 11-12 will be fill-ins by someone named J. Torres, with whom I am not familiar, but they're a tie-in to Amazons Attack and sound interesting. Then Gail takes over. This is so true:
"NRAMA: Looking at your body of work to date, you've written Superman, you've hit Batman a time or two, as well as dozens of other characters. Where does Wonder Woman fit on that lineup in terms of difficulty to tackle?

GS: I just don’t see it as ‘difficult.’ It’s a joy, an honor, a pleasure, a thrill. It’s exhilarating, is what it is. She’s a dragon. She just kicks so much ass.

I think, and I mean this with affection, but I think occasionally people have tried to burden her more with message than with character, and you know, when a writer tries that with Superman or Batman, they’re instantly called on it. It’s not the whole of the character. But it’s a common approach with Diana."
I do admit I had a Say What? moment when I read this:
"I actually contacted a lot of my favorite Wonder Woman writers when I got the news. I knew very well in my heart what I wanted to do, but I wanted to share the wisdom of the people who got it right, as well. So I talked to the master, George Perez, I talked to the whipsmart Jodi Picoult, ..."
I'll just assume Gail hadn't read the two issues by Picoult yet when she said this, or she was being diplomatic, or she was thinking of Picoult the novelist, or...

But, I'm jazzed. And the rest of you should be, too.


  1. Oh happy happy, joy joy. That dates me, but I don't care. FINALLY Wonder Woman will be good. Dare I say great?

  2. Believe me, Sally, I know exactly what you mean. I didn't read the Perez run -- I think that was still around the time I was boycotting comics -- but I found the Rucka series dull and didn't stick with it and my feelings for the old WW is more nostalgia than anything else. I liked the powerless era, but that wasn't really Wonder Woman.

    There have been great stories over the years, but it's never been a great book. I so want it to be a great book.

  3. As a huge fan of Gail Simone, I was hoping she would get to write Wonder Woman and rescue Diana from a horrible fate: bad writing. So she has the book and all is good with the world, and I trust (for now, at least) that Birds of Prey is in good hands. Wonder Woman truly deserves the caliber of writer that Ms. Simone is. I love all her books.
    Shelly, speaking of Gail Simone's books, I see all but All New Atom in your pull list. Gail does an excellent job there as well. The university town where Ryan Choi, the all new Atom, resides and teaches in is caught in a sort of time disrupted area. It's wonderful, and kooky and crazy fun to follow. And soon there will be the search for Ray Palmer. Why aren't you reading that one? You should check it out, if you already haven't.

  4. I'm reading the All New Atom, Guy, and loving it. I've even reviewed it here. I just put it under Atom. Hmmmm.... I could change it, but at some point, I'm figuring it won't be All-New anymore. ;)