Wednesday, May 02, 2007

52 in 3D and Some Spoilers

2May2007 001

Isis broke in half after I tried to move her legs. The top half just separated from the bottom half. Has anyone else gotten her? Has it happened to yours?

Of course, I read 52 52 on the way home. Wow. 52 means a lot of things. 52 weeks, 52 seconds, 52 Earths. Multiverse? Nah. Megaverse! This was ultimately in the hands of Rip Hunter and Booster Gold and Booster's ancestor, Daniel. Mr. Mind got his comeuppance, but could still become a threat.

Seeing the ghostly Ralph and Sue at the end was a nice touch. And I couldn't believe how teary-eyed I got at Skeets' sacrifice and then, his resurrection.

The art was nice and the wraparound cover was a treat. I love that one of the Earths was the Wildstorm 'verse. Another nice bit:
Rip Hunter: "...There's an oncoming future where this moment is remembered as the beginning of Booster Gold's glory years and the dawn of something called the megaverse..."
Booster Gold's Glory Years. Let's contemplate that for a moment. Now, I'm really looking forward to the Booster comic later this year.

And I'm already suffering from 52 withdrawal.

2May2007 002

So, where's the Renee/Question figure? I'd love to get that. Of course, I also want the Secret Six in action figures.


  1. You know, I was thinking I'd like to get the Isis and Batwoman figures. But now that Isis died (and did so out of character, as well!), I somehow don't want her figure anymore. Guess I should wait a bit on the Batwoman too? :)

  2. I think Batwoman will be back. She's a nifty character, and Jewish!

    As for Isis, I have to admit I got her because she'll fit in nicely with my Stargate figures, since Stargate is based on Egyptian mythology.

  3. Shelly - if possible you should take Isis back to your LCS and have them report it as a "hidden damage," basically a bad figure. They should be able to replace it and if they don't have it in stock Diamond should still have them and will send them a replacement. There is no reason for the figure to break in half! We had a Luthor figure have some parts come off and we just reported the hidden damage and in a couple of weeks we had a replacement.

  4. I thought about brining her back, but then went ahead and glued her back together. So far, the pieces are holding. I don't know if the waist is supposed to be turnable, but I really just want her to stand in photos, mostly with my Stargate figures. If it hadn't been easily glue-able, I would take it back.

  5. Shelly, I read the last 3 52's last night...can't believe it's been a whole year! So Ralph and Sue were ghosts, but does that mean they will 'return'? I feel like I skimmed through his death and am confused now.

    I liked some of the storylines more than others in 52. They really made it work on a weekly basis.

  6. I also liked some storylines more than others, redlib, but the whole thing worked.

    As for Ralph and Sue, I hope it means they can come back, but for now, they're reunited in death, which is something. :)