Monday, May 07, 2007

Justice League 11

A piece of advance art on Brad Meltzer's MySpace. This promises to be a wonderful Roy story. However, I still don't see a hint of Roy's tattoo. I wish the artists would get with the program. Roy has a Navaho tattoo wrapped around one arm. Deal with it.

Reviews have lagged here. Mea culpa. I was busy playing with my new digital camera. Will try to get some reviews posted tonight. I didn't get to do Free Comic Book Day because I forget, again, to take the Saturday off and ended up working. And after work, I figured all the good ones would be gone, so I went with hubby to get my new camera, an early birthday present, instead. Maybe when we do next year's vacation schedule, I'll remember to ask for the day off.


  1. I don't mind them removing that: having lived for a long time on or near the Navajo reservation, I can't recall ever seeing a tatoo. In fact, if I recall, body art like tattoos were prohibited. Having a Navajo tattoo seems disrespectful to the culture.

    Everytime I read a Speedy origin story, I have to turn my suspension of disbelief to 11.

  2. Speedy's origin has been tweaked a bit over time. As for the tattoo, once it was written in and drawn in for years, to have it disappear is a bit odd. I guess it's just another bit of retconning.