Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Reviews, Really

I feel like such a slacker. But I've been busy with my new camera and work and decoupaging stuff for the art show at the fan con I'll be going to in a few weeks (a zine con for tv shows and movies), and well, I've gotten lax around here.

But I have been reading, albeit slowly.

Welcome to Tranquility 6
Great end to the first arc. There were even some surprises. Artwise and storywise, this is a fun comic.

Checkmate 13
Too much setup for this crossover with the Outsiders. I'm leery about this storyline. This issue didn't feel as superior as previous arcs. The story feels forced. Maybe it'll get better once the real action starts. I just don't like where the Outsiders are going. Dick with a five o'clock shadow?! That's Roy's bit, or rather, it was. He's cleaned up now that he's made the bigtime.

Green Lantern 19
Slutty costume for Star Sapphire aside, this was also fun. Science fiction lust. And this cover beats last issue hands down. I loved Carol asking Hal to "light me up." Serious and campy at the same time.

All New Atom 11
More fun. Ryan is a joy. I can really feel his pain over an unrequited love, schoolboy troubles, etc. He's come a long way from his awkward adolescence. Nice wrapup to this story.

Hawkgirl 63
Nothing like making Hawkgirl seem like a guest star in her own book.

Anita Blake: Guilty Pleasures 6
Still fun, but I'm not feeling guilty for enjoying it. I actually think this is funny, intentional or not. Anita always looks so put out and the vamps are sooooo sexy. I never planned to read the books and I still won't, but now I don't have to.

Hero by Night 2
I enjoyed it, but it's been a couple of weeks since I read it, and I pretty much forgot the details. It's a fun story, though.

Countdown begins tomorrow!

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