Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Coupla Things

And no, I haven't read Countdown yet. Couldn't get a seat on the subway train coming home and reading standing up on a crowded train is no fun and I didn't want the book to get squished.

The 2 things:
  1. Now that there's the new Justice League of America, can someone please tell me what JLA: Classified is supposed to be and where it fits into continuity?
  2. I'm planning to go to the Louise Simonson book signing of her book DC Comics Covergirls at Forbidden Planet here in NYC on Saturday. Is anyone else planning to be there? Maybe we can say Hi.


  1. I thought the Classified stories were a way to burn off stuff that didn't make it into a writer's regular run. Thus Giffen doing more Superbuddies and Morrison bringing back the Ultramarines...

  2. Your first question answers itself. The status of those issues are classified, they could tell you, but only if you were already a JLA member.

  3. lol, Ragtime.

    Now I feel left out. ;)

  4. JLA Classified are untold stories of the JLA's past. It is not complicated lol.

  5. I've never actually read JLA: Classified, DCUBoy. I just happened to notice characters on the cover recently who aren't in the current JLA.

    So basically, it's still in the past, while the rest of the DCU is OYL and counting? Weird.