Saturday, May 12, 2007

DC Comics Covergirls


Went to Forbidden Planet today as planned and picked up my copy of Louise Simonson's DC Comics Covergirls, which is one fine looking book.


Louise was friendly and interesting to talk to. There wasn't much of a crowd, just people drifting slowly toward her table at the rear of the store, so I had time to chat with her. She was simply delightful.

IMG_0198I'm looking forward to reading this. The photos and layout are great, with lots of Supergirl coverage (Yay!) I also got Mike Essl, one of the book's designers, to autograph it, along with Louise. He seemed a bit stunned than someone -- anyone -- would want his autograph. But he deserves credit for a beautifully designed book and asking for his autograph was the only way I knew to really show my appreciation.


  1. Anonymous8:23 PM EDT

    I was stunned! It was very sweet of you to ask.

    BTW, I see from your blog you also have some DC figures. I'm working on a book called The DC Comics Action Figure Archive and would be happy to give you one of the advances when it's finished.

  2. That's a lovely-looking book, and it sounds as though you had a wonderful time.

  3. Hi, Mike,

    It was fun seeing the stunned look on your face. heh. As for the advance on the book, that would be so cool. It looks great. And yeah, I have lots of DC action figures, with more to buy next week. The Donna Troy figures should be out.

    Hi, Sally,

    I wasn't there long, but it was fun.

  4. Anonymous1:06 PM EDT

    Shelly--it was great to see you at the signing. I loved meeting the designer Mike Essl there, too. DC chose the covers for the book but Mike selected the witty placement where one design plays off another. Some of those selections still make me grin whenever I see them. He's obviously smart with a sense of humor as well as a good designer.

  5. Hi, Louise,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. And for the information re: the cover and design. :)

  6. Looks like a fantastic book! Thanks for blogging about it -- I'll be sure to check it out :-)

  7. You're welcome, binary.