Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Belated Reviews

Time sure flies when you're busy. I've been busy getting ready for my vacation, starting on Saturday, mostly by crafting my little fingers off to get my decoupage boxes done for the art show at the fan con (for tv and movies, mostly) I go to every May. But I have read some comics, so here's what I thought of them.

Outsiders 47
As soon as the crossover with Checkmate is done, I'm dropping this. Without Roy, there isn't much here for me. Most of the characters seem directionless and the book lost its heart. With Batman coming onboard, things will just move backward, and this will become just another Bat book, and Dick will only get out of Bruce's shadow in his own book.

At least, the story started to move, but the issue still has the aura of setup. I guess there was a need to show that Checkmate doesn't ask for help and the Outsiders are tough as nails, but 2 whole issues just to get the gang on the mission? Sheesh.

Nighwing 132
Dick's ragtag team of meta helpers made this more interesting than it's been. Bride and Groom had a strong ick factor and mostly, were just plain creepy. At least, Dick's acting like a grownup again and not the boy toy Bruce Jones had made him.

Green Arrow 74
I can't comment on the plot of this thing. To be honest, I read only the Ollie/Dinah scenes, which is the only reason I didn't drop the book. For good or bad, Ollie and Dinah are hot together. I also appreciated lines like:
"I don't think there's anything I've been prouder of...ever. ...Red Arrow..."
"I wanted to be...I wanted to be a better man...for you."
Could this really be the arrogant pig we've come to love? My my, Mr. Queen, how you've changed. I loved this and I hope he really has grown up.

Wow. From the wonderful wrap around cover to the promise of the Joker coming up, and all the confusing bits of multiverse in between, this was a breathtaking start to what promises to be another yearlong romp. A lot of plot threads got introduced at once. Mary Marvel is out of the hospital, without her powers. A misplaced Joker's Daughter threatened the multiverse. Darkseid has plans. Flash's rogues have plans. And I have no clue what's going on. It's great.

I'm intrigued by the idea that universe jumping is problematic. I hope by the end of this, visits back and forth will be routine again. Because that was the real cool factor of the old multiverse. The JLA and JSA are on the same Earth now, so their team-ups don't involve crossing dimensions as they once did, but there must be other teams on other Earths our groups should meet. The old multiverse was about possibilities. I don't expect, or even want that version back. But I hope the new one is as full of possibilities as the old one and that DC properly exploits it for thrilling stories. Comics can be fun. And so far, this is. Now to see if they can sustain the fun for another year, week by week.

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