Friday, May 18, 2007

Sporadic Blogging for Next Two Weeks

I'm behind in my reading, because I've been getting ready for my vacation -- and trip to Michigan for a fan/zine con -- and will get even more behind while I'm away. Regular blogging will resume here in June.

Here are 3 quick reviews.

Justice League of America 9
I am so loving this book. I'm loving this crossover. I'm loving the return of the Levitz-era Legion. There were so many nice character bits, each one getting some good panel-time. The scene with Roy and Kara was great. And what is it with Roy, lusting after women he can't have? Cheshire was, of course, a disaster, except for Lian. He never could develop his relationship with Donna beyond youthful lust. And now he's lusting after Kendra? With her connection to Carter, that can't end well for Roy. Then there's the whole Kara and Carter connection... wow. Meltzer really brings these characters to life as individuals. And he keep bringing in the A List villains. Yowza! (Did I really just type that? Sheesh.)

Catwoman 67
Wow. Pfeifer keeps upping the pace and the stakes. I hope Holly and Selena and Karon and little Helena survive this latest threat. And Boris and Natasha have to be the best named villains in ages. Great cover by Hughes, as usual.

Supergirl 17
The best thing about this issue was the last page. Seriously. I hope that is the real Kara Zor-El and that she takes over the book. I know there are people who have liked this arc, but for me, it's just a mess. And I'm sick of the crystals bursting out of Kara's body like she's some sort of pincushion. Or a warped version of Wolverine with his claws. And I'm not going to bother trying to figure out where this fits in continuity. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

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