Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Comics

I picked up my stash and the anatomically incorrect JLA 10 cover was in my stack, so I swapped it for the other, much nicer one. And while I hate spoilers, I had to peek. And wow. No spoilers here, but I'll just repeat...



  1. What made it for me was the utterly confused Batman shot near the end, where it is clear that he thought he had figured it all out, and he turned out to be wrong.

  2. Yes, I saw that and even without having read the whole thing yet, I can imagine what he was expecting and yes, it is always nice seeing Bruce wrong. ;)

  3. Wasn't it wonderful? That little moment with Hal and Roy was my favorite.

  4. Yes, it was wonderful. It's those little character moments that I so love about Brad's writing.

  5. Hi Shelly,
    Okay, here's me admitting How Much Of A Dork I really am. I cried. *Cried*.
    Oh, I am So Very Happy!!!

  6. Well, Wally is back,which is nice, as I am fond of Wally. It was nice to see Wally and Roy and Hal all hug, although I thought that Wally and Roy looked EXACTLY like each other.

    I rather enjoyed seeing Batman flummoxed. Doesn't happen too often. Braniac was being a little cryptic towards the end there however. Is Bart REALLY dead?

  7. You and me both, Amy. I read it through last night and got teary-eyed. It was simply beautiful.

  8. Just found your comment, Sally. I hadn't gotten an email and every few days, I check unmoderated comments just in case.

    With the speed force, it's hard to know who's really dead, but since I don't read Flash right now, I haven't a clue re: Bart. I suspect it's Barry who'll also be back.