Saturday, July 28, 2007

DC Direct

Dear DC Direct,

First, let me say how pleased I've been with the selection over the last year. The action figures have been wonderful, though some don't stand well on their own minus their stands, which makes posing them with other figures a challenge. And the variety has been great. I'm so looking forward to getting my Red Arrow figure next week.

I would like to request you do the following figures so I can enhance my ever growing collection:
  • Catman (With mask, without mask, this is one sexy "bad boy.")
  • Big Barda (Who wouldn't want this? Seriously.)
  • A new Oracle (Given what the original BoP set can go for on eBay, when it shows up, it really is time for a Babs, at least, since BoP has been a popular book in recent times. And now that Huntress has a nicer costume, I'd like her, too, please.)
  • Zinda (To go along with Oracle. The plane would be super cool, too. Now that I think of it, I really want the plane. Then again, I really want a motorcycle for my Black Canary figure, too.)
  • Sasha Bordeaux (To go with my Mr. Terrific. They do make a cute couple, don't they?)
  • The Current JSA (The ones not done recently. I do need to fill in my JSA gang.)
  • Manhunter (Kate Spencer. Because she has the coolest costume. And she could come with a figure of her son as an extra.)
  • Jakeem Thunder (So cool! Yeah, okay, he goes with the JSA above. I just wanted to type "So cool." And he'd have to come with the Thunderbolt.)
  • Ragman (I really like Rory. The rest of the Shadowpact would be very nice, too. I mean, who wouldn't go nuts for a Detective Chimp figure?)
  • Secret Six (Because Catman would get lonely without his "friends.")
  • Renee "The Question" Montoya (with removable blank face mask).
  • The Spirit (Just because.)
That should be it for now, because with what you've already scheduled, I'll be spending a lot of money on action figures the remainder of this year and early next (not to mention the Stargate figures coming from Diamond Select).

Thanks ever so much.
--A Devoted Fan

(Did I miss anyone cool?)


  1. Anonymous9:25 AM EDT

    There's already a Big Barda:

    Yeah, the BOP set is pretty insanely expensive. It would be nice for a reprint.

  2. Egads, those look hideous. I don't want a set. I never read the New Gods books, so don't care for Mr. Miracle and whoever that little guy is. I want Big Barda as she is currently appearing in BoP.

    When were those from, anyway?

  3. A complete BoP set would be sensational, thank you very much! And while we are at it, a complete set of Warriors figures, including Buck Wargo, Rita and Veronna.

    Yeah, THAT'LL happen.

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM EDT

    When were those from, anyway?

    They look like they're from the Justice League Unlimited animated series collection.

    In the animated series, Miracle was Bara's husband - and with the Flash they went up against Granny on Apocalypse. Flash kept calling her Bertha, and pissing her off. (^_^)

  5. I believe Barda and Mr. Miracle are married in the comics, too. I meant, when were those figures done? At any rate, they're not realistic enough for my tastes. :)

  6. Who wouldn't want a Big Barda figure?

    Communists. Lousy, stinking communists, that's who.

  7. I hear ya, Cap, I hear ya.