Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekly Reads

Green Lantern 21
Things have heated up, the action was intense, the whole Parallax aspect was well handled, and the playing with Hal's fears works well. A solid issue.

Blue Beetle 17
Some teen angst, nicely done. I love Jaime's supporting cast. The scene at the end with his father was very moving. Jaime learns a tough, painful lesson about being a hero. Good stuff.

JSA Classified 28 featuring Jakeen Thunder and The Thunderbolt
Like Jaime, Jakeem gets a lesson on superheroism. It's natural to want to do more than you are when you have the ability to save people. But there's a price. I'm glad Jakeem was allowed to learn that on his own. The art was a bit different, but very nice.

Hawkgirl 66
The end of Hawkgirl was a bit melodramatic, but the best of recent issues. So, Shay is now gone and Kendra is fully Kendra. I wonder if we'll get to see what that means for her. Maybe in JLA. At least, Hath-Set's curse should be broken now.

Wonder Woman 11
Sheesh. With Picoult off the book and Nemesis still unconscious, the dialogue improved, but the issue still sucked. Superman flies Diana away from a confrontation with her mother that possibly could have led to an end of the war because saving Nemesis was more important?! I don't think so. Stopping the bomb? Yeah. But saving Tom? One man against millions? Sheesh.

Green Arrow Year One 2
I'm really liking this. With this longer, detailed version of his origin as GA, we can see him change and grow and become more than an indifferent playboy. And I could feel the heat of the sun and the coolness of the night. Nice art job there.

Brave and Bold 5
With the Legion of Super-Heroes and boy, is this story getting complicated. Always nice seeing the Legion.

Countdown 40
Things are getting darker, but not much forward movement, plot-wise. Jimmy is fun, though. And we did see some developments, ie with Penguin and the hunt for Ray Palmer. But there's nothing in this chapter that really grabbed me to rave about. Maybe next issue.


  1. I must admit that it was a pretty good week, albeit with a couple of clunkers.

    The whole Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps deal is wonderful, and seems to be one of the best storis going on this summer and fall.

    Jaime in Blue Beetle just keeps getting more adorable...and smarter as well. Heck, he even impressed Batman! And he's got one of the best supporting casts around.

    JSA Classified was well-done, I thought. Jakeem learns a lesson and Alan is smart enough to let him do it on his own.

    Green Arrow was nice, Brave and the Bold was fun, but I must say that Wonder Woman really was the worst of the bunch. Still makes little to no sense.

  2. We're definitely on the same wavelength, Sally. :)