Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Color me very disappointed. Neither Jim Hanley's Universe nor Forbidden Planet got the new Justice League figures today. No Red Arrow. No new Black Canary. No Vixen or Black Lightning. So. Very. Disappointed.


  1. They're actually due out next week, I believe.

  2. They'd better be. The date I'd seen originally was 8/1.

    My comic shop didn't get 10 boxes of books they were supposed to, either. Lots of titles were missing.

  3. The figures ARE coming this week. Everyone should have 'em.

    We didn't get ANY of our shipment on 8/1 - UPS messed up and it took an extra day to get our stuff. I'm sure they won't refund the thousand dollars in lost sales I experienced last week.

  4. Yeah, the manager at my shop was pretty ticked about the lost business. They don't usually have this problem, or if they do, it's just one or two titles that are affected, but it was at least 4, maybe more last week.