Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Slew of Reviews

Supergirl 20
An Amazons Attack crossover that actually didn't suck. And it was actually one of the better SG issues. What gives? Hmmmm.... let's see. Nice art. Kara looks like an actual teen. The dialogue was realistic, and a lesson was learned. Nice.

Atom 14
The usual zippy dialogue and nice art and some bittersweet moments with the construct of Ted Kord, but the Search for Ray Palmer is taking on the Star Trek Planet of the Week feel.

Nightwing 135
Best thing I can say is that Dick wasn't a total wuss. He did manage to free himself, but sheesh. I don't mind the peek into the past that includes stuff I don't recall seeing before, but there was a level of sadism in this... Is the tone really different when Devin trashes Dick than when Marv does it simply because she's a woman with fangirl issues? Or was it because her trashing of Dick went on and on and on.... This Dick might be more in character, but I'm not convinced. The book has definitely improved, but it's still not on my keeper list and hasn't been since OYL and just before that.

Black Canary 3
Am I going out on a limb and maybe spoiling things for folks to say...
that I think Sin's supposed death has been faked and Dinah doesn't know? Is that what Ollie meant when he told Mia, "Meaning if I really want to help Dinah, I might have to break her heart... again"?
My fav line, from Dinah to Merlyn: "So did I" when he tells her he beat her "boyfriend single-handedly."
Second fav, Mia to Ollie: "I happen to be fond of my teeth, boss."

Countdown 39
I think Jimmy Olson is my favorite part of this series. Mr. Action is loads of fun. Next favorite part this issue is seeing Renee and Batwoman, with Babs protecting her op center/home from Karate Kid and "Una."

Justice Society of America 8
Really nice cover. And it was nice to have Jesse humanized. Her time in the Titans wasn't pleasant, but she's restoring her rep here. And the angst Grant's going through was well done. I love how the team came through for him.

Grifter/Midnighter 3-5
Yeah, I'm trying to get caught up. I'm really enjoying this mini. They're such macho men and there's that whole antagonism thing between them. Their growing, grudging respect is fun. I'll really miss this book when it concludes next issue and not just because it's likely the last time I'll see Grifter in who knows how long.

Welcome to Tranquility 7-9
The 2 stories per issue makes the books seem a bit choppy, but they do fill in character backstories nicely. There's a lot of enjoyable lunacy here. And zombies. How could anyone go wrong with zombies?

Criminal 6-7
Another good story is unfolding and I liked seeing Leo from the first story. Still noir, but a different focus with a different kind of protagonist. And I'm loving the art, with the wraparound covers.

Spirit 6-8
I'm not sure who could replace Darwyn Cooke on this book, but #7's fill-in by Walter Simonson with art by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story, while different, worked well enough. Spirit's a bit more realistic, but I can live with that. Issue 8 was the best of the 3, however, thanks to another wonderful guest turn by Satin. Her amnesia was wonderfully entertaining. A serious comic with lots of laughs. Or is it a humor comic with serious overtones? I guess it doesn't really matter.


  1. Wait...Ted? Ted Kord? Well, I guess I'll have to run out and get that issue, dagnabit.

    I think that you've hit the nail on the head, with Ollie and Sin. If they "kill" her off, then obviously, the League will stop trying to kidnap her. Easy as pie.

  2. Well, sorta Ted. ;)

    And yeah, it's the perfect plan re: Sin. And done enough on TV to almost be a cliche.

  3. Anonymous2:51 PM EDT

    OHSHI~ I forgot to get JSA #8! Curse these defective glasses-free eyes!

  4. Hi, Blindman,
    Glad I could provide the reminder. And there were 2 almost identical comments from you. So I published the funnier one. ;)

  5. Anonymous11:12 AM EDT

    That is more proof that my eyes are defective! Thanks again, your blog just gained a fan :D

  6. That's great, Blindman. It's always good to get another reader around here. :)