Friday, August 17, 2007

Good Week for Comics

I haven't gotten to them all yet, but here are my thoughts about the ones I've read.

Flash 231
Acuna's art is so well suited to this book. The kids look like kids, the expressions are perfect. This revived title gets off to a rousing, fun start. My only quibble is that Wally's recap was a bit clumsy given he was talking to Linda who knew it all. A straight flashback would've worked better, with just a THEN to set it off or some such. But still, that's a minor thing in such a good book.

Catwoman 70
Damn, but Adam Hughes' cover is stunning. And if this had to be an Amazons Attack crossover, it didn't have all the clumsiness and drawn out angst of that mini-series. This was about Selina, protecting hers. I like the reinforcement of her place in the DCU and the Bat family, with the contact from Oracle and the connection with Alfred. But I'm glad the next issue will be post-Amazons Attack because I'm really tired of that.

Amazons Attack 5
Some BS fed to Grace about her being a Bana which she seems to believe until Supes comes to set her straight. Diana shows up and Batman urges her to "Get to Nemesis and give him that antidote," while he has something else to do, because Nemesis is so important while a war is going on. He'd better be worth it, like he's got the key to resolving the mess. I really wanted to like this, but even Circe's villainy is just plain irritating.

Grifter/Midnighter 6
And so it comes to an end. These two won't be sitting down for snacks and a ballgame anytime soon, but they were a fun partnership for the duration. Guess this will be the last time we see Grifter until... yeah, that's the question. Until when? *sigh*

Countdown 37
This isn't the thrill a minute 52 was, but it's entertaining and I'm enjoying Zatanna and Mary. Zee's trying but I think Mary's not quite getting the message. The last page with Jimmy and Clark was great. The theme of the issue, and maybe a theme of the series as a whole, is power, who has it, what it means, what one should do with it. The contrasts are striking.

Black Canary 4
Okay, no surprise here. The scheme to save Sin was exactly as I thought, but it was great seeing Dinah go ballastic. All Dinah wanted was to give Sin a chance at a real life, but she hadn't guessed she wouldn't be the one giving it to her. Nice scene at the end with her and Ollie. Ollie's heart is in the right place and maybe he's finally mature enough to trust it.

Justice League of America 12
I know a lot of people were disappointed with Brad's run. His pacing isn't fully in sync with the demands of comics or of many fans' expectations. But I enjoyed his run a lot. He understands these characters and his writing honors and celebrates them. I loved seeing Lian, finally. I loved her Speedy outfit. I loved Dinah warning Kendra to not hurt Roy, and I loved Reddy walking in on Roy and Kendra. It happened twice to Roy and Donna in Titans (the one before the latest Teen Titans, I guess it was), issues 9 (when Raven intruded) and 14 (when Garth intruded). Poor Roy. He really needs to take it out of HQ. My only quibble here, as usual, is that despite the wonderful art, Roy's tattoo is missing and while a couple of lines on his torso could be scars, it looks more like the scars from the 5 bullet wounds and subsequent surgery have completely faded away.


  1. At this point, I think that Roy just LIKES getting caught. Spices things up or so I'm told. But Lian's outfit was adorable.

    Black Canary was fun, and her explanation to Ollie seemed to make sense. It also gets Sin out of the way, without a death, so, on to the wedding stuff! (I'm just such a romantic)

    Nice to see that Batman is there to save us all in Amazons Attack. Not quite sure why all the rest of the heroes even bothered to show up.

    Flash was cute. Oh yes it was.

    Oh Shelly, you MUST read Booster Gold. It's fabulous.

  2. Hi, Sally. I just had an idea that a Lian as Speedy action figure would be adorable!

    And Booster Gold is next on the stack. :) Followed by Checkmate and Shadowpact.