Friday, August 17, 2007


I tried a site called Squidoo, mostly to learn about it, but it's kind of fun. You make lenses or pages devoted to a topic, supposedly the more narrow the focus, the better. It's for what you're expert in, what you're passionate about, etc.

My first lens was about shopping because I could get it together quickly enough, but it's just sitting there like a lump for the moment. I'm not overly interested in promoting it. However, I really like the concept and have some ideas for other lenses. I just created a lens using one of those ideas: Meet My Pull List, where I discuss what comics I'm reading and why. So, if that even mildly interests you, click on over and take a look.

Meanwhile, no takers for either Criminal or Lone Ranger. I'll give it another week, then put them up on eBay or something. It's a shame. I mean, we're talking free comics here, people. I'll even pay the postage. :)

EDITED TO ADD: The Lone Rangers have been claimed! So, anyone want to give Criminal's first story a try? Just be a regular reader and email me your PO address.

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  1. Hi Shelly, it's great to see you on Squidoo! And what an exciting new way to use it. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us!