Monday, August 13, 2007

Real Quick Almost Reviews

Green Arrow Year One 3
I'm really enjoying this. Art is fine and the story is spare, a wonderful blending of words and pictures. Ollie's background is really being fleshed out here.

Countdown 38
Reviewing weekly books, unless there's a major happening, get rather redundant. So, I'll say I enjoyed it and leave it at that.

Criminal: Lawless 3
I LOVE this book. LOVE IT! Can I be any clearer? Brubaker and Phillips do noir as good as anyone.

Jack of Fables 12-13
Jack really doesn't know Jack, or rather, he might not be who he thinks he is. Good, fun stuff here, as usual.

Green Lantern 22
Wow, a lot of story and a whole lot of characters are packed into this story and this issue seemed more crowded than the previous issue, but it's all good. And we end with "guys in chains" with Guy and John chained up. Can't say this book doesn't divvy up its torture equally.

Sheena 1-2
Nice start. Nothing Earth shattering and most of it -- hell, all of it -- is fairly predictable and/or unsurprising, but it works. The characters of Sheena and Bob are appealing, but I wish the guys, especially Bob, looked more manly or at least, less like women who shave.


The name Mike Wieringo wasn't familiar to me, but as I read through comic blog after comic blog commenting on his death at 44, it became too well known. I didn't know his art offhand, but looking at the illos accompanying those posts, I saw a few pieces I'd seen before and others that spoke of a great talent. Forty-four is too damned young to die. The comic world has lost someone special.


  1. Anonymous5:02 AM EDT

    I just found out that he co-created Bart Allen T_T

    Goodnight, sweet prince.

  2. It's awfully sad about Mr. Wieringo, he was terribly young, and terribly talented.