Sunday, August 12, 2007

Blogiversary Celebration

I've been trying to think of the best way to celebrate this blog's 2nd anniversary on August 17th and have decided to give away some of the comics I don't need because I got the compilations. And because there are some of you out there not reading these comics and you should. So, I'll foot the bill for postage. All you need to do is email me at Shelly(dot)S(at)gmail(dot)com and tell me which set you want. You should be a regular reader of Shelly's Comic Book Shelf, even if not for the full two years, so be sure to include your screen name/name I'd know you by, as well as your snail mail addy and which comic set you'd like. One set per person, please,. The first person to send me their request who follows my instructions will get their requested set. Just consider this my way of thanking folks for helping to make this my most popular blog.

Criminal 1-5 (Icon) by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Used but in nice condition (I can never remember the details for the ratings system). This is the first complete story of this marvelous noir comic.

The Lone Ranger 1-6 (Dynamite) by Brett Matthews, Sergio Cariello, Dean White, and John Cassaday. Used, as in read once. This is the first complete story of this new, gritty take on The Lone Ranger, detailing his origin.


  1. Aaaggh! Not your Lone Rangers! They are so pretty!

    But happy impending anniversary anyway.

  2. Thanks, Sally.

    The Lone Rangers are just as pretty in the hardcover edition! And so much sturdier. ;)

    I really want to encourage people to read that series and Criminal. I want the books to be a big success.

  3. Both are such good books, I've been picking up Criminal and following Lone Ranger thru a friend's copy. Great stuff.

    Also, very very cool of you to be giving these away. Good form!

  4. Thanks, Tom, but no takers so far. I'll give it another week, I guess, and if no one wants them, I'll put them up on eBay. I don't want to have to toss them, but I don't have the room now that I have the collected editions.