Friday, August 24, 2007

Pretend This is a Clever Post Title

Four more reviews.

Brave and Bold 6
Fun end to the first arc. And Kara was more interesting in this book than in her own. And any book that brings in the Challengers of the Unknown moves to the top of the week's entertainment.

Blue Beetle 18
Guest starring the Teen Titans in another romp for Jaime and friends. Jaime fits right in with the Teen Titans as do his friends Paco and Brenda. The dialogue is snappy and Lobo is, well, Lobo. They're teenagers, they act like kids, but they get the job done. This comic keeps getting better and better.

JSA Classified 29
Featuring Mr. Terrific. A Neo-Nazi story with Michael somehow framed for murder when he discovers the senator he's been supporting politically is up to his eyebrows in really bad stuff. The art was fine, but the sketchiness of the faces and their plumpness really bugged me.

Aquaman 55
Maybe we'll get the truth about Arthur one of these issues, but not quite yet. There's almost too much going on here and it doesn't quite mesh for me. I'm still not fond of the art. Everyone looks long in the tooth, really hound-doggie. But oh, those covers!


  1. Gosh I miss Kevin Maguire, but as you say, at least we have the covers. Put him on JLA immediately!

    It's nice to see Jaime interacting with other super teens. Tim's offer is a good one, Jaime's a smart kid, and he's getting by, but he could probably use a little help in the self-defense area. I just have this fear that the Reach is going to figure out how to have the Scarab leave him high and dry in the middle of a fight or something, and then he's toast.

    And the Brave and the Bold was just fun from the beginning to the end. I like fun.

  2. Oh, Sally, maybe you're right. The Reach are really intriguing. They could do anything.

    Can't argue with fun.