Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The War is Finally Over

No, not the one in Iraq, unfortunately. The one with those wacky Amazons. There might be spoilers here. You are warned.

Amazons Attack 6 of 6
Finally, Hippolyta drops her sword because she can't kill Diana. But Circe is still around. But then Athena intervenes, finally, because the Amazons were being tested and they failed. But humans are no saints either. But of course, Athena could've stopped the war sooner or kept it from starting and saved thousands of lives, but she didn't, so she's not much better, is she? Except, in the last panel, we learn she isn't Athena. Oh.

Gail? Could we make this something Pam Ewing dreamed up? Pretty please? Make the whole mess go away.

Seriously, the Amazons are gone, the gods imprisoned, and Granny Goodness was behind it all?! I was never a fan of the New Gods and I really could have done without this development. But I will admit I didn't see that coming.

Which brings me to the mess that's Wonder Woman 12.
First, the cover is lovely. Then I opened the book. Again we get oh, poor Nemesis almost died, as if he's more important that the thousands who actually did die. Not that I wished him dead, but really, we're talking about one life here in a way that's very dismissive of all the people who were slaughtered on both sides.

There was some clever twists with Everyman and Nemesis, but Tom's back to acting like a jerk. And he doesn't remember Diana Prince is Wonder Woman? Either he's pretending he doesn't remember for some reason beyond me at this point, or it's a darned convenient plot twist. I'd rather see the two of them deal with his knowledge, but maybe Gail asked for that to be removed as an issue for them so she can start clean. Geez, I hope so.

Anyway, that's about all that happened. Oh, right. They found the missing Sarge Steel. Joy has been returned to the DCU.

Countdown 35
Tension mounts. Emotions and abilities are being manipulated. And Jimmy Olson makes a fool of himself. What's not to like? And what the hell kind of mess has Holly gotten herself into? I really am curious about the answers, so I'm continuing to read.

Countdown to Adventure 1
Adam Strange has competition, and Animal Man's kids want to keep Kory. And something is making people, including Buddy's son, act out of character. No doubt the same evil bitch in Countdown. The art is nice, too, with Ellen's simmering jealousy over Kory clear on her face. In a second story, we get Forerunner's background. She's an intriguing character as is the history of her species.

And from last week...
Crossing Midnight 10
A gritty story begins. Toshi's situation is far from that of an exploited girl trapped into slavery. She's been taken against her will, but she retains her personality, making her own decisions as much as possible, challenging the magical powers of her new realm. She's maturing into someone who, if she survives, will possibly be a powerful being. And her brother's devotion in trying to find her is touching and inspiring. I really like how this is developing.

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