Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pull List

I updated my pull list in the sidebar. I felt bad removing WildCats and Manhunter and will happily add them back should they appear again. Though I'm having doubts. They had said Manhunter was uncanceled, again, but so far, not a word. And I'm thinking WildCats 2, nearly a year since issue 1 came out, is a lost cause. With Grifter/Midnighter finished, I'm gonna really miss Cole Cash.


  1. Nearly a YEAR? That is approaching the ridiculous. And here I was having a hissy fit because Green Lantern will be a week late.

    I DO wish that Manhunter would come out again soon however. That was an awfully good book.

  2. Yeah, Sally. I think Wildcats 1 of the new series came out last September. It isn't even listed in CSN's fall previews. It's not in the solicits on DC's site. It's in limbo. feh.