Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Reviews

Posting might be erratic around here for a while as I'm stuck on AOL and Dialup (yes, the prehistoric days of the internet) thanks to a dead network router. I might be able to post from work on my lunch hour, but don't count on it. I barely had time there today to check email and publish comments.

Meanwhile, I have three more reviews, possibly spoilerish.

JSA Classified 30
Featuring Mr. Terrific. Along with possible neo-Nazis who might be just plain old lunatics. I think I would enjoy the story more if not for the art that renders the JSA members impossible for me to distinguish without their costumes. And everyone looks really old and wrinkled.

Blue Beetle 19
Still fun. Jaime, who is such a likeable character, learns about pressure points, and Brenda, quickly becoming my favorite non-powered supporting character, learns the truth about her aunt. I got choked up at the end when Jaime's mother comforts her.

Criminal 9
Noir at its best. The shit's about to hit the proverbial fan for Tracy as his cover starts to unravel and he gets closer to the truth about his brother's murder. And we get some nice background on Tracy and his brother and their relationship with their parents. Good stuff.

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  1. The Mr. Terrific story was quite well-written I thought, but the art was just dreadful, I thought.

    Blue Beetle was light-hearted and still had that little touch of pathos that I love.