Saturday, October 13, 2007

Reviews Next Batch

All New Atom 16
Time anomalies are groovy, even when they're not. A silly fluff issue that was entertaining as Ivy Town reverts to the '60s.

Suicide Squad 2
Skartaris! Dinosaurs! Rick Flag forced to work with his enemy Rustam so they both can survive. Entertaining, even if I'm still not sure exactly how this fits with the present and Checkmate.

Booster Gold 3
If possible, this wonderful book keeps getting better. The time paradoxes are handled wonderfully, and Michael looks great in western duds. And I loved him trying to outdrink Jonah Hex.

Green Lantern 24
I got a bit choked up when the Earth GLs power up at the end. Hal helping Kyle overcome Parallax was great. The Sinestro Corps War has played out much better than the Amazons Attack Amazon War.

Countdown 29
The Newsboy Legion! Cool. I am starting to wonder what the point of the Hunt for Ray Palmer is. So far, it's just been an excuse to visit the alternate Earths. Story-wise, it seems to be the weakest link as it isn't advancing, plot-wise. I'm enjoying the book, but it's not as good as 52.


  1. I can't believe that I somehow missed picking up Suicide Squad, so I'll just have to find it this coming week. But if it has dinosaurs, how can we go wrong?

    Booster Gold really is a complete hoot. I loved it when they got rear-ended in the time bubble...capsule...thingie.

    Gosh, Green Lantern has been fantastic. The art was gorgeous, and the story hardly takes a breath.

  2. I've missed comics every now and then. At least Suicide Squad shouldn't be sold out, so you should be able to get it. Well worth the effort.